Forget Royalty Free Music- How to Use Piccolo's Music for Free!

Not your average music licence. 

Been searching for royalty free music online? Starting to think everything sounds a little bit... lifeless? 

Well, Piccolo isn't royalty free music I'm afraid, but we are giving away a free licence for a year to use our music. 


Lockdown has changed the way people are behaving dramatically. From the listeners, to the musicians to the class leaders, everyone involved in the music industry has had to adapt massively over the last six months which has increased consumer engagement with online media. Many music leaders running children's music classes have moved their services online and live streamed their classes. This is no surprise considering the live streaming industry grew a whole 45 percent between March and April this year alone. 

This has led to an influx of professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry setting themselves up online - Youtube channels, Zoom profiles, Facebook pages the lot. Now this is a really good thing and there is so much potential involved in these changes, not only in terms of generating income but the massive amount of untapped exposure for yourself and your brand which can be magnified to millions with one successful video.

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However, the main issue that is preventing so many individuals who are on the edge of breaking through the internet, is a teeny tiny (but hugely annoying) issue with CONTENT ID. A lot of you may have come to meet this term square in the face when you've just put hours into a video, gone to post it and then it's taken down because you've used music you didn't realise you needed permission for. BUT, don't worry we have the answer to this. 

For those of you who don't know, Content ID is an identification tool that online platforms such as Facebook, Youtube etc use, to protect the content of copyright owners. If you want to use any material in your videos that isn't royalty-free, then you need to have either purchased a licence or gained permission from the copyright owner of this content. Without this, your video is likely to become the next bounty of the Content Cowboy Bots that police the internet and puts your video at risk. 

Weirdly, this is more of an issue on Facebook where content appears to be immediately muted rather than a claim being put against it. Facebook has developed a tool called Facebook Rights Manager since lockdown that enables music distributors to whitelist licensed channels so that their videos are exempt. However, this tool is not yet available to the wider community and whitelisting cannot be done on a large scale, which means until likely developments become imminent- it's sort of a grey area.

Fortunately, Youtube is much easier puzzle to solve. If you receive a copyright claim on Youtube, your video is unaffected until the copyright holder actions it. So all you need to do is make sure you have purchased a license or gained permission to use their content, then supply this as evidence to the Copyright Cowboys when they come sniffing and hey ho you're good to go! 

Wondering where you'll get this? 

Now this is where our licence comes in. 

If you want to use our music in your online classes/videos/Hollywood films then get your FREE MUSIC LICENCE from us. We supply you with a virtual certificate for you to send to platforms, such as Youtube, to erase copyright claims quickly. As well as that you'll have permission to use a catalogue of over 250 award-winning songs and access to multiple resources such as session plans, lyric sheets, song ideas and more! We'll even be showcasing licensees' videos through our online platforms so by using our music, it's also a chance for you to gain promotion and traffic to your channels. 




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