Fun Games and Activites for kids

This is a fun rhyming game based on the traditional nursery rhyme: "Hickory Dickory Dock". The game is great for having fun improvising at home or on a car journey. Even bette, if you're looking for a rhyming activity as a music teacher this game can be pulled up on the interactive board and done as a class. 


The game challenges children to make up their own rhymes and versions based on the traditional nursery rhyme. Well go on then have a go, we'd love to see what you come up with ! 

Printable Activities for Kids

Here you can browse through and download our printable activities for kids.

We currently have colouring in sheets for children to have a go with as well as some counting games.

The counting games are great musical activities to use as a warm-up task with children in classes and sessions.

Snake ate a bun Colouring Sheets!!

Colouring in Sheets Fun drawing for children! 4 Snake in the Bun colouring sheets, download for free and have a go! 577 KB

Download our Counting Games!

Download Here

Counting Games Click to Download, Go on Have a go! 1.75 MB

These counting games are perfect as a warm-up activity. Using just the numbers on the ladder and variations children are encouraged to devlop their sense of rhythm. Click the link above to download!