down in the jungle

Down in the Jungle animals

Down in the jungle where nobody goes

A fun jungle song for kids 'Down in the jungle with Piccolo' is a fantastic children's song for World Nursery Rhyme Week. 

Stomp around the room, snap your hands like a crocodile and hisss like a snake! 

Down in the Jungle is also a great reason to get the animal finger puppets out. 

Have a look below at Piccolo's music activity ideas for this one.

Listen to the nursery rhyme on the streaming platform of your choice by clicking the button below: 

have a listen

one sheet lyrics

Down in the Jungle lyrics print out

download pdf

Down in the Jungle - One sheet lyrics Great for handouts! 726 KB

sing along lyrics (presentation style)

download pdf

Down in the Jungle - Sing along Presentation Perfect for whiteboards! 960 KB

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