Singalong Videos!!

A one minute video equals a million words? Well, kind of! Educational videos not only promote student engagement but also trigger  higher levels of visualisation in children. A combination of audio, text, powerful imagery and colours stems significantly better memory recall than using a sole method such as reading. 

Children connect faster. Video content involves a variety of methods to connect with the learner and therefore children are able to gain an understanding at a faster pace. A short video is likely to retain a child's concentration for 100% of the duration of the video and if the visuals connect with the Child as well as the music, the child is more likely to engage further with the content in order to form an educated opinion. 

What about the Teacher? Video learning gives the teacher/parent/educator a large amount of accessibility and flexibility in terms of the amount of varied content available as well as where the learning is experienced. Furthermore, video-learning has the potential to be combined with an endless amount of methods and activities in order to better a child's learning experience, making them a flexible part of a learning program. 

Most of all, they're fun! Whether staying at home or watching in class, our musical videos are created with the intention of children having fun and enjoying them, that's what's most important! So, have a scroll and a singalong with your children at home or in class to all of our singalong videos! Oh and by the way, there's even more like this on our Youtube channel...




Hickory Dickory Dock

Miss Polly Had a dolly

Piccolo goes to Glastonbury Farm...

ABC Nursery Rhyme SONG