Wind the Bobbin

Piccolo character doing wind the bobbin


'Wind the Bobbin Up' is a traditional nursery rhyme dating back to 19th century England and is an engaging rhyme that encourages children to join the actions. 

The object of the rhyme is to get children to identify the items in the verses and also to perform the actions (e.g. clapping, pulling, pointing). 

Parents and leaders can help babies and toddlers with this one by holding hands with them and doing the actions together. 

Piccolo's excited to see how many different versions of the song everyone can come up with for world nursery rhyme week! 

Listen to the nursery rhyme on the streaming platform of your choice by clicking the button below: 

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one sheet lyrics

Wind the Bobbin lyrics for world nursery rhyme week 2021

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Wind the Bobbin - One Sheet Lyrics Great for handouts! 462 KB

sing along lyrics (presentation style)

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Wind the Bobbin - Sing along presentation Perfect for whiteboards! 271 KB

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