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Incy Wincy Spider

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Incy Wincy spider is one of the most famous and popular Nursery rhymes out there and Piccolo's version gives it a new lease of life with a new verse.

Incy Wincy Spider originated as a folk song and was first recognised in US publications in the early 20th century. The popular nursery rhyme has been adapted many times over the last century and like with many nursery rhymes, it's simple structure allows for you to have a go at making up your own verses. 

Listen to the song below and download lyrics musical activities to use for this year's World Nursery Rhyme Week 2021.

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One Sheet Lyrics

Incy Wincy SPider Lyrics for Nursery Rhyme week

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Incy Wincy Spider - One Sheet Lyrics Great for handouts! 577 KB

Sing Along lyrics (presentation style)

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Incy Wincy Spider - Sing along presentation Perfect for Whiteboards! 316 KB

Musical Activities