Piccolo Music announces Brand new Album "Sing and Play with Piccolo"

(NEWCASTLE, UK) - From the artist that brought you "Sing Yourself a Smile" last year, Piccolo's new album "Sing and Play with Piccolo"  features brand new original songs as well as revamped, traditional family favourites for babies, toddlers, children AND PARENTS to enjoy! The album is out now, which you can LISTEN TO HERE.

Piccolo's fanbase has grown significantly in the past year and their songs are now being enjoyed by over a quarter of a million people around the world each month. With tracks on Amazon music's top editorial playlists for children such as "Traditional Nursery Rhymes' and "Educational Songs for kids" as well as Spotify's "Kids and Family Favourites UK" the artist is delighted with the recognition they are getting from major platform curators. 

As the official music partner of "World Nursery Rhyme Week"  Piccolo has enjoyed touching the lives of millions of children and thousands of early years professionals with their music, since the event began in 2013.  Exploring and learning from a variety of different cultures, Piccolo feel privileged to have partnered what is arguably the biggest annual global event in children's music, with big names in the genre such as Moonbug/Little Baby Bum annual sponsors. 

Piccolo is now super excited to announce their new album to this great network of participants from the annual event and their amazing fans, as well as more than 150 licensees who use Piccolo's music in their baby classes, music sessions, nurseries and schools all around the world.

The new album features the familiar, happy, bubbly voice that is Abigail Cotton, owner and singer/songwriter of Piccolo. Another lovely Piccolo artist Jill Glozier, guitar and vocals, can be heard in harmony throughout the album. The new album has been produced by a brand new face to Piccolo, producer and owner of 'Ginger Music Company' Damian Fredrick who when asked about what it was like to work on a full album with Piccolo for the first time he said “It’s always a pleasure working with Piccolo! Abi’s positive energy and her dedication to creating the best music for children she can, means my time in the studio is not only productive but always great fun. I look forward to the next album!”.

One of the songs from the album Abi is most excited about is their new original song "Sing and Play" which takes its name from the album title and brand's mission. In this track, children and parents can laugh, listen, learn, sing and dance in all types of weather, sunshine, rain or even snow! As well as new original songs, Piccolo has also revamped some of their most popular takes on traditional nursery rhymes. Their most popular nursery rhyme last year "1,2,3,4,5" has been modernised and rearranged into a fun, upbeat nursery rhyme for children and parents to sing along. Piccolo believes this new version is going to be great in educational settings, with the extra verse counting in 'twos' appealing to older pre-schoolers. 

Piccolo are absolutely delighted with the responses they are getting to the album and cannot wait to release it to their wider fanbase. Follow Piccolo on their socials and streaming platforms for updates and exclusive competitions and don't forget to PRE-SAVE the new album in time for release on Friday 2nd July, 2021.


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What people are saying

Claire Bennet, Owner and Directer of Music Bugs UK

"Another fantastic collection of songs from Sing With Piccolo with a wonderful mixture of catchy, upbeat original songs and some surprisingly brilliant twists to our favourite traditional rhymes too. Perfect for car journeys and for singing and dancing along to at home, these songs are also a firm favourite in our classes with children and parents alike."

Emma Sabin, Supercala

"I absolutely love the new tracks by Piccolo and can not wait to use them in my classes. They are a beautiful bright mix on classic songs that my little yogis will respond really well to. I love the fact that they all have little actions so that we can make up routines. The songs are also simple enough for them to be remembered and therefore sung easily. In particular I know my 3-5 year old class will be super excited to hear The Bottom of the Sea as they are always requesting Down in the Jungle and love guessing what animal is coming next, so this will be very well received! My mummy and baby class will love the Ten Tiny Fingers song too. To be honest all the songs will be very welcome because of the upbeat bright sparkle that Piccolo has mastered. Thank you!"

Track List

1. Singing Days are Happy Days Hello song                                                       11. Sleeping Bunnies

2. Tingalayo Donkey Song                                                                                           12. On My Way to School

3. Can You Do It Too?                                                                                                        13. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

4. Sing and Play with Piccolo                                                                                     14. Incy Wincy Spider

5. 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive                                                                    15. Boogie Woogie

6. What Does My Family Do?                                                                                       16. Pop Goes the Weasel

7. Slow Snails and Busy Bees                                                                                       17. Hugs and Kisses

8. Ring a Ring O’ Roses                                                                                                    18. Ten Tiny Fingers and Toes

9. Glug Glug Glug to the Bottom of the Sea                                                          19. Singing Days are Happy Days Goodbye Song

10. The Grand Old Duke of York