Our New Blog- What to Expect

Sing with Piccolo is starting our first ever blog! After the launch of our new website and new single last week, along with re-branding our social media platforms over the last couple of months, we're finally at the point to start up a blog. 

Although our main focus is children's music, and I assure you we will give updates about what's happening with us, I want to not only write about and feature artists and leaders in the industry to help growth, but also talk honestly about the struggles we have and are having on a daily basis in this ever changing industry. 

Anyone linked to music in any way knows that streaming and digitalisation has completely transformed the way we are operating as a music business. This means we are swimming in completely new waters with entirely different fish. Gone are the days where we would set up a CD stand in our music sessions, now we have to search and compare which distributors are most efficient to promote our music and on which platforms. There's so much out there at the moment for comparing distributors, how to market yourself as a musician and how to playlist yourself. BUT what does this mean for a children's music artist? The problem is with all of these articles is that they're written heavily for the 'traditional' musician and 'indie' artists- what we want to do is write and discuss how WE adapt this to our genre. 

I could rabble on but I know we're all busy. So to put it simply and easily here's what the first few articles will be about: 

  • Amazon Music - Why is my Music on Unlimited and not Prime? How can I get my Music on Prime? Amazon Artists, how do I get it and how does it work? Amazon's Children's Stations and Radio - How can they grow you as a children's music Artist?
  • Licensing- What Licenses do I actually need as a Children's music Leader running classes? What license do I need for my classes online? What Licenses (packages- we offer more than just music) do we offer for use of our songs?
  • Impact of Lockdown on Music- How will delivery of music classes change after Lockdown? How can we adapt sessions to social change? Are Zoom/Online classes working? 
  • Featured Artists- Our top Artists in the genre at the moment, a bit about them and a showcase of their music.   

To get an update about when these go out and links to the articles follow us on your preferred social media. Or, if you really love us then follow us on all of them! If you don't want to then I guess you'll have to check our website everyday (something I hate doing) to see if an article is out... 

As always Singing Days are Happy Days 

Best Wishes 

Alfie Briggs, Marketing Assistant


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